The Town 

Dundalk is a town with a unique heritage culture in the Irish context. It was an industrial powerhouse in days gone by, before being ripped apart by economic decline and structural unemployment. During the troubles it was a border town many viewed with prejudice. And the traces of all of those things are still with us today. But as time moves on, Dundalk finds itself at a new juncture. New jobs and new businesses are coming to the region. The border in today’s context is as much an opportunity as it is a barrier.

And yeah, that’s all grand. Would look good on the back of a pamphlet of a politician’s re-election campaign like. But that’s not what people live and breathe. The Town - Dundalk has a unique flavour, something worth preserving in an era where uniformity seems like a trend  - or a curse. Part of this culture has been about accepting people no matter where they come from - above never viewing ourselves as better than anyone. And we’re proud of that. Proud too that we’re as good as any of them (so we are). There’s an incredible wealth of creativity and talent coming out of the Town, and inspired by the Town.

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