The People 

Mark Sheridan 

Director & Event Manager

Mark Sheridan is a producer and events organiser based in Dundalk. He has been active in the local music and theatre scene for years, as well as working on the international festival circuit (Burning Man, Glastonbury, Electric Picnic & more). He is the director of the Arcadian Field festival which takes place in Cooley, north county Louth annually. Arcadian Field combines music, theatre, visual arts with all the workshops and eclectic elements you’d expect from a high quality boutique festival.

Nathalie Longo 

Programming & Production Coordinator

Nathalie Longo has a background in film (festivals). She has a MA in film theory from NUI Galway, and is passionate about all aspects of the arts, technology, and design. She’s got multicultural baggage, is fairly keen on not utterly destroying the environment, and keeps on moving here and there for a variety of projects - or for no reason at all?

Luke Cassidy 

Executive Producer

Luke Cassidy is a writer from Dundalk. His debut novel, Iron Annie, is published in Ireland and the UK in September 2021 by Bloomsbury Books, and in North America by Vintage Books in January 2022. He has contributed a short story to the forthcoming New Island Books anthology of writing from the Irish border region, The New Frontier. He is the creator and producer of the Iron Annie Cabaret, an interdisciplinary production supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Louth County Council Arts Office. The Cabaret combines music, theatre and spoken word, and tours theatres around Ireland in 2021 and 2022 - click here to find out more. His previous productions include Éire Saor and Cú Chulainn the Lover, both of which are comedies based on the tragedy of Irish history.

Marianne Thibault

Artistic Director

Marianne Thibault is a writer and visual artist; she works where words ideas and images collide. Marianne is a graduate of the humanities and fine arts, a combination of approaches that she infuses in her day to day work as an artist. Her work has been exhibited internationally, in France, Belgium, Luxemburg and China.

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